BSc Degree in Nautical Science from the University of Mumbai

Training Ship "Rahaman" proudly announces its affiliation with the University of Mumbai for their three year BSc degree course in Nautical Science.

Candidates participating in this course will undergo three years residential training at the Nhava Campus of the training ship and after obtaining the BSc degree in Nautical Science from the University of Mumbai are required to serve apprenticeship of one year on board ships before they qualify to become ship's officers. 

Following Shipping Companies train / select Cadets for onboard training on a regular basis from our Training Institute:

  • Barber Ship Management (I) Pvt. Ltd. (F)

  • Wilco Ship Management & Travels Pvt. Ltd

  • Mitsui OSK Lines Manning (I) Pvt. Ltd.

  • Fleet Management Ltd.

  • Dockendale Shipping Co. Ltd.

  • Chevron Manning Services

  • Paramount Management Ltd.

  • MSC Ship Management (I) Pvt. Ltd.

  • ASP Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.

  • Univan Ship Management Ltd. (M)

  • Udaya Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • Anglo Eastern Ship Management Ltd.

  • Deep Sea Shipping & Manning Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • Sealandia Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • K.C. Maritime Ltd.

The syllabus for the Mumbai University BSc Course in Nautical Science is briefly as follows:

1st Year Syllabus

  1. English & Communication Skills

  2. Applied Maths Paper I - Complex Variables, Vector Algebra & Calculus, Vector Analysis, Differential Calculus, Differential Equations & elementary application in solving engineering problems.

  3. Applied Maths Paper II - Integral Calculus, Beta & Gama functions, Infinite & Fourier Series, Spherical Trigonometry, Simpson's rules

  4. Nautical Physics Paper I - Light, Mechanics, Sound, Heat, Thermodynamics

  5. Nautical Physics Paper II - Magnetism, Electricity, Electronics, Modern Physics

  6. Navigation Paper I - Principles of Navigation & practical navigation problems

  7. Voyage Planning & Collision Prevention

  8. Ship Operation Technology - Life Saving Appliances, Fire Fighting Appliances, Deck Appliances, Ropes & Wires

  9. Cargo Work & Marine Communication

  10. Naval Architecture Paper I - Ship Construction, Ship Stability

  11. Environmental Science Paper I - Physical Meteorology, Oceanography

  12. Marine Engineering & Control Systems Paper I - Mechanical, Electrical Engineering Science and Marine Engineering Practice.

2nd Year Syllabus

  1. Computer Science - Computer Fundamentals & language theory & practicals

  2. Applied Maths Paper III - Bessel Functions, Legendre Polynomials, Partial Differential Equations, Laplace Transforms, Complex Variables

  3. Applied Maths Paper IV - Numerical Methods, Matrices, Statistics

  4. Nautical Physics & Electronics Paper III - Review of a.c. circuits, Modulation Concepts, Demodulation Techniques, Transmission Systems, Digital Communications, Wave Propagation, Radio Receivers, Radar Communication, Satellite Communication

  5. Nautical Physics & Electronics Paper IV - Transistor Biasing, Transistor Amplifier, Operational Amplifier, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Number System & Logic Gates, Clocks & Timers, Flip-flops & Counters, Microprocessors

  6. Navigation Paper II - Celestial Navigation, Principles & Practicals

  7. Voyage Planning & Collision Prevention Paper II

  8. Ship Operation Technology - Cargo work, Seamanship, Ship Maneuvering.

  9. Bridge Procedures & Legal Knowledge

  10. Naval Architecture Paper II - Ship Stability & Ship Construction

  11. Environmental Science - Land, Ocean, Atmosphere, Interaction between land, ocean & atmosphere

  12. Marine Engineering & Control Systems Paper II - Engineering materials, Steels, A.C. & D.C. Machines, Transformers, Power distribution, Marine engineering auxiliaries, Internal Combustion Engine.

3rd Year Syllabus

  1. Navigation Paper III - Navigation Principles & Practicals

  2. Voyage Planning & Collision Prevention Paper III

  3. Navigation Paper IV - Magnetic Compass Construction, Methods of correction, Free Gyroscope, Hyperbolic position fixing systems, Satellite Navigation, Sonar aids, Radar

  4. Ship Operation Technology - Cargo work, GMDSS

  5. Ship Operation Technology Paper IV - Seamanship, Watchkeeping, Maintenance

  6. Naval Architecture Paper III - Ship Stability, Ship Construction

  7. Shipping Management - External Environment of Organisations, Planning & Strategic Management, Strategy Implementation, Decision making, Organisational Structure, HRM process,  Motivation, Communication & Negotiations, Operations Management, MIS, International Trade & Shipping, Liner & Tramp Trades, Role of Ports, Indian Shipping Development, Maritime Frauds, etc. Role of International Organisations

  8. Maritime Law - Concept of Law, Civil, Criminal, Public Law, Private Law, etc. Contracts of Affreightments, IMO, Scope of Maritime Law, Legal Remedies, Maritime Liens.

  9. Environmental Science Paper III - Air Masses & Fronts, TRS, Weather Forecasting, Reporting Systems, Weather Routing, Environmental Pollution, Marpol 73/78, Atmospheric Pollution, Liability against Marine Pollution

  10. Marine Engineering - IC Engine, other propulsion units, Automation & Control Engineering, Safety Arrangements

As compared to the syllabus of the other course curriculums for BSc. (Nautical Science), Mumbai University offers Applied Maths, Applied Science, Commercial & Legal knowledge at a higher level.

Topics involving Ship Management, International Shipping, & HRM Processes covered in this course provide a basic platform and enable a Cadet to pursue various shipping related shore-based careers.

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